Patsy Clark Mansion

One of Spokane's oldest treasures, the Patsy Clark Mansion, is once again opening its doors to the public.

Patsy Clark's is now available for private catered events including receptions, small luncheons, dinner parties, and weddings (both indoor and outdoor).

Purchased in 2002, the law firm of Eymann Allison Hunter Jones P.S. "rescued" the mansion from further deterioration, helping to preserve this historic Spokane landmark.

This turn of the century mansion will once again host the elegant parties, lavish weddings, and celebratory festivities for which it was envisioned. The individual character and charm of the rooms lend itself to parties and gatherings of many sizes and reasons.

Kirtland Cutter, the renowned 19th century architect, was told to spare no expense in designing the home of mining magnate Patrick “Patsy” Clark in 1898. Pictures and words cannot begin to reveal the minute detail and architectural craftsmanship given this beautifully restored mansion.

The mansion was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1975.

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